Welcome to the S.W.C.

This is a logo for the Sonification World Chat. The logo has Sonification World Chat written with the first O replaced with three curved vertical lines indicating soundwaves. The second O is replaced with a hollow circle surrounded by two rings. The first ring has one dot on it and the second ring has two on it, and this resembles an atomic model. The last O is replaced with an illustration of the earth.

What is sonification?

When looking at a line graph or scatter plot, do you notice how you can distinctively notice trends points based on the way that the data is positioned?  Sonification takes this data and transforms it into nonverbal audio. Higher pitches represent larger data points, and lower pitches represent smaller data points. Line curves tend to use smooth (legato) pitches, and scatter plots tend to use sharpet (staccato) pitches.


The video to the left is an example of what sonification is and one of the many ways it can be used. It is part of a project created by Geneva Lakes Astrophysics and S.T.E.A.M to teach the astronomical data analysis concept of period folding. Many sonification projects are created to promote low-vision accessible education and research. 

Our Mission

Sonification is a rising method for data communication for both accessibility purposes and deeper understandings of data. Our goal is to support professionals in many fields, such as research, accessibility,  user-centered design, and education, to ensure that sonification projects have access to the resources they need to develop effective sonification projects while also solidifying accessibility standards for sonification projects to ensure that the accessibility efforts are effective.

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