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Sonification World Chat

About the Sonification World Chat

The Sonification World Chat was launched in February 2020 by Geneva Lakes Astrophysics and S.T.E.A.M. in response to the observation that as sonification projects become more numerous, there is a need to share information among projects.  SWC was founded on the belief that people with blindness and visual impairments (BVI) have vital roles to play in the development of sonification tools, interfaces, and algorithms and that strong advocacy is needed to ensure that all projects are informed by this community.   The life experience of BVI people is essential to ensuring the highest quality sonification projects are developed, and that accessibility is maintained at every stage.   Further, SWC recognizes the need to support a community of professionals in science, accessibility,  user-centered design, and education to ensure that projects have access to the resources they need to address both the technical and human aspects of their work.  Finally, SWC aims to work on standards or guidelines for (accessible) sonification.

Sonification World Chat Hosting Guidelines

 SWC values the diverse participation of individuals and projects worldwide.  In order to better support global participation across different time zones, we invite individuals to host a regional World Chat by following the guidelines below:
  1. Provide the name of the lead individual(s) who will host the meeting to
  2. Provide a purpose or goal for the meeting
  3. Advertise the proposed meeting to the swc@glaseducation mailing list
  4. After the meeting add an agenda, meeting recording, and notes to the Sonification World Chat Google Drive Folder
  5. Give a short presentation at the next meeting of the ‘global’ SWC (Regional SWC Host or a representative).  Ensure that all materials related to the meeting are accessible for BVI members

What Can You Expect at an S.W.C. Meeting?

An average meeting agenda varies depending on the status of different projects or components within different subgroups that are part of the SWC. However, here is a basic overview.

  1. Review of the previous meeting
  2. Introductions
  3. General information.
  4. Update about the Audible Universe 
  5. Update from the Learn Group
  6. 1-2 Presentations: 15 minutes each with 5 minutes for questions
  7. Open platform for sonification projects to present, answer questions, and gain feedback