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About the LEARN Group

The LEARN group works to enhance accessibility initiatives in education. This group designs and develops educational online programs for BVI students. A large part of their accessibility initiative is sonification. One subsection of projects is the Cosmobally app series, which contains apps that help BVI students learn fundamental skills of interpreting sonification along with other skills usually taught visually in the classroom. 

The head of the LEARN Group is Phia Damsma, who is a game designer with the goal of improve accessibility for STEM education in a fun and user-friendly way.

About Cosmobally Apps

The Cosmobally apps are educational applications for iOS and Android devices for visually impaired children to learn cognitive and technological skills through the use of sonification. In these games, the user is to use and distinguish different sounds as different shapes and objects. This is a major project of the LEARN Group and it is available in app stores.

This is the symbol and main character of the Cosmobally apps. It is a circular shaped figure with small convex symmetrical shapes on the sides of the character. There is a microphone coming from one of these shapes to the bottom of the ball where the mouth would normally be. There is a trapezoid opening in the middle-top of the ball that shows two, green animated eyes with pronounced eyelashes.